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Automated web content retrieval –  
Eliminates work and saves you time  

Web Retriever® is a powerful and versatile software system that automatically retrieves content from the World-Wide Web.  By "content" we mean any information or object presented on a web page that can be copied or downloaded to your computer.  The web content that can be captured by Web Retriever therefore includes text (e.g., words, numbers, phrases, paragraphs, entire pages), images, icons, photos, movies, animations, audio clips, etc.

Web Retriever is designed for web users who visit sites on a regular basis to obtain specific information or access other content that is updated periodically. Unlike a web browser, Web Retriever does not require that you manually open and view a web page in order to read or extract its new content.  Instead, our software stores a collection of web objects that are of interest to you and then retrieves them automatically with the click of a button whenever you want.

By automating the process of web content retrieval, Web Retriever functions as a valuable productivity tool that will save you hours of work when using the web.

  • provides a powerful yet simple pattern-matching system for identifying the web objects (content) of interest to you

  • incorporates a flexible report system that lets you create customized reports to aggregate, summarize, and format selected information from the web to meet your needs

  • allows you to define jobs consisting of multiple web objects and reports, so that you can retrieve all items in a job with one click of a button

  • displays the progress of large file downloads and can be configured to skip the download altogether if the target object has not changed since it was last retrieved

  • enables you to collect and format text or data from different web sources so that it can be imported into other programs, such as word processors and spreadsheet software, or output as html

  • save time and work by eliminating the need to visit websites regularly to download or copy new content

  • automatically retrieve and archive information and other content from websites before it is replaced and becomes unavailable

  • receive notification when new content of interest is posted on a website, without having to frequently check the site manually

  • precisely target desired web content, extract it from unwanted surrounding material, and reformat it to meet your needs

Price and Licensing

Web Retriever is priced at only US$19.95 for a single-machine license.  This includes 30 days of comprehensive technical support, provided via e-mail.

Our software license is fully transferable, so you can resell it or transfer it to another computer with no penalty or additional cost.  In addition, we protect your initial investment in the software by offering all product upgrades to existing customers at a substantial discount.

Free Trial Download

To enable you to evaluate Web Retriever and directly experience its extensive functionality and productivity benefits, we offer a fully functional version of the software that you can try for 30 days at no cost.  The trial download includes many examples and complete documentation.

Visit our download page now to obtain your free trial copy of Web Retriever.

For More Information

We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions concerning Web Retriever and the ways it can be used.  To send us an e-mail, please see our contact page.
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